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WIP: Infinity Loup Garou by Corvus Belli

Hi! Time for yet another Work in Progress article. Today’s commission is a large Merovingian Rapid Response Force army that includes almost everything MRRF has in Infinity Army Builder. Undoubtedly Loup Garou are the centerpiece of the force with their distinctive look, so we decided to start painting this unit first. Painter’ note: Merovingia was […]
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How to: Sci-Fi base with OSL effect – part two, painting

Hello again! Dicey Studio is back online! In the previous article we explained how to build the base – now it’s time to build it. We are going for the rather dark and noir sci-fi look for these bases, but you can choose the different pallette – the one that complements your army in the […]
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How to: Sci-Fi base with OSL effect – part one, building

Hi! Thank you for the positive feedback to our article about PanO color choices. We received a lot of comments and are glad that you found that material useful. Now it’s time for the next article: it is devoted to base building. The article will be divided into two parts, one for the building itself […]
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WIP: Infinity Acontecimento Regulars and Clipper Dronbot by Corvus Belli

Hi! This is the first post in our Work In Progress series. We are working on models from Infinity PanOceania faction and are happy to show some progress on this commission. Here are the Acontecimento Regulars and a little but brutal Clipper Dronbot for one of our clients. We’ve already painted PanOceanian troops for his […]
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Site Launch

We are happy to launch website for our international clients. Some pages are still in development and we working hard to finish entire site completley but all major functionality are already working as intended so you can place your orders. We look forward to a successful working relationship in the futureDicey Studio Team.
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