WIP: Infinity Acontecimento Regulars and Clipper Dronbot by Corvus Belli

WIP: Infinity Acontecimento Regulars and Clipper Dronbot by Corvus Belli

Hi! This is the first post in our Work In Progress series. We are working on models from Infinity PanOceania faction and are happy to show some progress on this commission.

Here are the Acontecimento Regulars and a little but brutal Clipper Dronbot for one of our clients. We’ve already painted PanOceanian troops for his collection, so we kept the color choices matching the older miniatures – the way army looks together is important.

Let’s jump right to the process, shall we? Here’s the quick rundown of the main painting stages of these models:

1. Preparing and priming: as with all models, we apply Vallejo Black Primer via an airbrush and cover it with Satin Varnish – it will protect the primer layer and will prevent chipping.

2. Blue base coats: we applied the Royal Blue via an airbrush as the base coat. Then it was highlighted with Heavy Blue and then with Deep Sky Blue – using the airbrush again.

3.Blue highlighting: edges were highlighted with Deep Sky Blue. For extreme highlights we used Dead White. Both highlight layers were applied with a precise brush. The same process was used

4. Green elements (pants and caps): Camo Olive Green was used as the base color. Watered down Deep Forest Skin was applied as a wash to add tone to the recessed areas. Highlights – Livery Green, feathering technique was used to paint large open areas on Regulars’ pants.

5. Grey elements (weapons and Dronbot mechanical details): German Grey is the base color here. The next layer is Cold Grey, applied with an airbrush in a zenithal highlighting technique. A wash of watered down Abaddon Black (replace with any black paint you prefer) added to underline the recesses, then all edges were highlighted with Cold Grey and Dead White – both with a regular brush.

6. Red Source Lighting: apply Vermillion with an airbrush (we used highly precise H&S Infinity) to the small lamps and Dronbot’s eye. Cadmium Skin was used to create the lens effect. A small dot of Dead White on top of Cadmium Skin improves the effect.

7. Skin: Beasty Brown is the base colour, highlighted first with Burned Flesh and then with Fresh. Iraqi Sand is the extreme highlight color. First two steps can be applied both with a brush or an airbrush – if you wish to spend some time masking out other details.

These are the main steps we used to paint up this models. As you see both an airbrush and a regular brush were used – sometimes precision is needed, especially at extreme highlighting. No matter how small the airbrush nozzle is, overspray is unavoidable so don’t forget about good old brushes. All paints that we used are by Vallejo.

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