Corvus Belli Preorder Painting

Corvus Belli Preorder Painting

With Dicey Studio all Infinity the game and Aristeia! players can get painted models from latest releases as soon as possible. We cooperate with the official regional Corvus Belli distributor, meaning we can start painting new models right on the release day.

The prices are shown in the table below – all you have to do is to choose the models in the form. Note that the models’ price will be added to painting price.


Miniature ExampleTabletop QualityHigh QualityDisplay Quality
Silhouette TinyNetrod$7$10$15
Silhouette 1 Nasmat, Crazy Koala$13 - 16$18 - 20$25 - 30
Silhouette 2 Fusilier, Zhanshi$20 - 28$25 - 35$35 - 50
Silhouette 3-4 Remotes Peacemaker, Kameel$36$45$65
Silhouette 4 Moto Double Kum, Aragoto, Voronin$45-50$55 - 60$75 - 85
Silhouette 5Tarik, Kriza Borak$35-50$45 - 60$60 - 85
Silhouette 5 MassiveBlackjack, Rathnik$55$65$90
Silhouette 6Antipode$40 - 45$50-55$70 - 80
Silhouette 6 TAGUhlan, Tikbalang$80$100$150
Silhouette 7Lizard, Jotum$100 - 115$125 - 140$175 - 200
Silhouette 8Maghariba Guard$125$155$215

Preorder Contact Form

Please use this form to describe your order. This isn't biding in any way. We'll contact you to discuss your order further.
Oct 23, 2020 is estimated release date of that preorder positions. Corvus Belli can change this date without prior notice.