Dicey Studio has great experience in working with clients from different countries. Worldwide service is the thing we take pride in. A package with the painted order is sent within one day from completion. We always provide tracking numbers so you can follow the package once it’s on its way. Miniatures painted by Dicey Studio successfully made it to Germany, Sweden, Denmark, the Czech Republic, the USA, Australia and many other countries without any issues.

Estimate prices for delivery:
Europe ~ $10
USA ~ $15
Rest of world ~ $23

Packing and safety

There aren’t many things worse than awesome painted models being damaged or broken on their way to you. Dicey Studio uses plastic hard cases and special packing material for every package. Proper box package will guarantee that your models will arrive in a perfect condition!

Every model is carefully packed with bubble wrap to avoid damaging during delivery. All wrapped models are placed in the plastic case, which is also wrapped and placed in a hard cardboard box.

Double protection layer guarantees that your models will arrive save even if the cardboard box is damaged.