Basic Information

This page has all the necessary information regarding our commission prices. Below are the painting price lists for the most popular game systems, basing, bonus system, shipping and payment conditions.

Dicey Studio is a professional miniature painting studio with experienced full time painters. You can be sure that you will get the best quality painted models for a fair price.

We work with any game systems: Warhammer 40000, Age of Sigmar, Infinity The Game, Fantasy Battles, Middle Earth, Kingdom Death, Guild Ball and much more. Even if your favorite system is not on the list, we will gladly paint it taking all your requirements into account.

We are always ready to paint huge armies, we are not afraid of large time consuming projects and giant models by Forge World and Kingdom Death.

Choose Dicey Studio – trust your models to professionals!

Here are the basic prices for each miniature type.

MiniatureExampleTabletop QualityHigh QualityDisplay Quality
Base 25mm round - small figuresGrots$16$20$30
Base 25mm roundImperial Guardsman, Space Marine$20$25$39
Base 32mm roundSpace Marine Primaris$28$35$55
Base 40mm roundTerminator$40$50$75
Base 50mm roundCenturion$56$70$105
Mounted/BikeEldar Jetbike$44$55$85
Small Vehicle/Small MonsterClassic Dreadnought$88$110$165
Medium Vehicle/Medium MonsterRhino, Hive Lord$108$135$205
Large Vehicle/Large MonsterStormfang, Tervigon$160$200$300
Base +++ SizeImperial Knight$240$300$450

Following modifiers could be added to the basic price depending on the model’s complexity.

TypeExampleTabletop QualityHigh QualityDisplay Quality
Hero (already included in +++size price)Space Marine Captain+$24+$30+$45
Open Face (each model)Guardsman+$4+$5+8
Heavy Decorated Death Companyfrom +$8from +$10 from +$15
WingedPrimaris Inceptors, Scourgesfrom +$12from +$15from +$22
Teamster, crewman etcfrom +$20from +$25from +$38

Here are the basic prices for each miniature type.

Miniature ExampleTabletop QualityHigh QualityDisplay Quality
Base 25mm round - small figuresNight Goblin$16$20$30
Base 25mm roundChaos Marauder$20$25$38
Base 32mm roundChaos Warrior$28$35$53
Base 40mm roundOgor Glutton$40$50$75
Base 50mm roundKurnoth Hunter$56$70$105
Base 60mm roundDaemon Prince$80$100$150
Base 60mm round mountedPusgoyle Blightlord$100$125$190
Base 60mm ovalRaptoryx$32$40$60
Base 60mm oval mountedChaos Marauder$44$55$83
Base 75mm ovalChaos Knight$56$70$105
Base 90mm ovalFulminator$105$130$195
Base 100mm ovalSylvaneth Treelord$130$160$240
Base 120mm oval - chariot (including 2 charioteers)Gorebeast Chariot$115$145$220
Base 120mm oval Slaughterbrute$160$200$300
Base +++ size oval (including 1 teamster)$240$300$450
Base +++ SizeGreat Unclean One$240$300$450

Following modifiers could be added to the basic price depending on the model’s complexity.

TypeExampleTabletop QualityHigh QualityDisplay Quality
Hero (already included in +++size price)Chaos Lord+$24+$30+$45
Open Face (each model)+$4+$5+8
Heavy Decorated Maneater, Farcry bandsfrom +$8from +$10 from +$15
WingedKhinerai Lifetakersfrom +$12from +$15from +$22
Teamster, crewman etcfrom +$20from +$25from +$38

Miniature ExampleTabletop QualityHigh QualityDisplay Quality
Silhouette TinyNetrod$7$10$15
Silhouette 1 Nasmat, Crazy Koala$13 - 16$18 - 20$25 - 30
Silhouette 2 Fusilier, Zhanshi$20 - 28$25 - 35$35 - 50
Silhouette 3-4 Remotes Peacemaker, Kameel$36$45$65
Silhouette 4 Moto Double Kum, Aragoto, Voronin$45-50$55 - 60$75 - 85
Silhouette 5Tarik, Kriza Borak$35-50$45 - 60$60 - 85
Silhouette 5 MassiveBlackjack, Rathnik$55$65$90
Silhouette 6Antipode$40 - 45$50-55$70 - 80
Silhouette 6 TAGUhlan, Tikbalang$80$100$150
Silhouette 7Lizard, Jotum$100 - 115$125 - 140$175 - 200
Silhouette 8Maghariba Guard$125$155$215

Miniature ExampleTabletop QualityHigh QualityDisplay Quality
Lesser modelsArachnid swamps, Mechanical Doves$8$10$15
Small modelsBrass arachnid, Gamins, Jackalop$15 - 18$18 - 20$27 - 30
Medium modelsJoss, Performer, Oxfordian Mages$20 - 28$25 - 35$40 - 55
Complex medium modelsDeath Marshal$36$45$65
MastersRamos, Rasputina$35 - 40$45 - 50$65 - 75
Mounted modelsPale rider, Wendigo$40 - 45$50 - 60$80 - 90
Double modelsMounted guards$55$65$90
Big modelsJorogumo, Lazarus$52 - 60$65 - 75$95 - 115
Large ModelsIce Golem, Emissaries, Envy$80 - 120$100 -150$150 - 225

Miniature ExampleTabletop QualityHigh QualityDisplay Quality
Goal Post$32$40$60
Medium GuyGrange, Ballista$24 - 28$35 - 45$45 - 52
Big GuyWindle, Locus, Colossus
$36 - 48$45 - 60$68 - 90
Small MascotPeck, Mainspring$14 - 16$18 - 20$27 - 30
Big MascotBuckwheat$24 - 28$30 - 35$45 - 52
Small TerrainFarmers a pile of baskets and crates$28$35$52
Big TerrainFarmers Mill$36$45$68

Miniature ExampleTabletop QualityHigh QualityDisplay Quality
SurvivorsPrologue, Armor Sets$35 - 45$50 - 65$75 - 90
Tiny modelsBaby Spiders, Tree Fruits
Humanoid enemiesButcher, Manhunter, Dragon Tyrant$55 - 65$75 - 80$85 - 90
Lesser MonstersWhite Lion, Screaming Antelope, Watcher$75 - 85$95 - 110$130 - 150
Greater MonstersLonley Tree, Sunstalker, Gorm$95 - 110$125 -135$150 -175
Gigantic MonstersDragon King, Spidiculus$175 - 190$240 - 260$330 - 350

Miniature   Tabletop QualityHigh QualityDisplay Quality
Minion$28 - 36$35 - 45$52 - 67
Boss$44 - 52$55 - 65$82 - 97

Miniature  Base QualityTabletop QualityHigh QualityDisplay Quality
Survivors-$20 - 28$25 - 35$35 - 50

We adopt an individual approach to each project, however we added some samples of models painted by us for your convenience. Painting time depends on the chosen painting quality


Best suited for: standalone projects, display pieces, boxart paintworks, busts

For Display Quality we always go an extra mile and put all our energy, creativity and imagination to achieve the best result possible. Using all available tools and techniques we create a unique miniature that will satisfy all your demands. Display Quality pricing is discussed for every single model individually.


Best suited for: huge monsters and vehicles, centerpiece models, skirmish bands, collectible tabletop games

High Quality is the second best quality we offer. Our painters use advanced techniques to make every detail stand out. It takes no less than 8 hours to complete one High Quality miniature. The price is on the higher half of the spectrum, but you can be sure that the final result is more than worth it. High Quality models will definitely attract everyone’s attention!


Best suited for: low-budget wargame armies, mass projects, less important units (like zombies or goblins), deadline projects

Tabletop Quality is simple and accessible, but still looks great on the table. It will suit perfectly for budget or high model count armies. New players can also enjoy this quality level, as it will allow everybody to start playing with a fully painted army in the shortest time. We spend up to 6 hours for each model here – this way it’s possible to complete a project when time is limited.

Recommended for: Boardgames

Basic Quality is the best choice for boardgames. This level lets you enjoy your favorite boardgame with fully painted miniatures instead of plain coloured plastic. It takes up to 4 hours to complete each miniature – it guarantees short order completion time, while low price makes it suitable for boardgames with high number of miniatures.

Dicey Studio offers 3 basing levels. You can choose what you prefer and learn the prices from the table below.

Default Quality bases follow the miniature’s color scheme and are designed to make model look whole and completed. We use texture paste, cork lists and stones. This bases are simple, but they greatly complement the model. Default Quality is free for all painting quality levels. The prices for other types of are given in the table below.

Base sizeTexture paste or cork sheetsTexture paste + stonesTextured paste and flock\bushes
26-50 mmfree$0.10 $0.50
60-90 mmfree$0.20$1.50
100 mmfree$0.50$5.00
130 mmfree$0.50$6.00
160 mmfree$1.00$8.00
Oval 60x35 mmfree$0.10$2.00
Oval 75x42 mmfree$0.10$3.00
Oval 90x52 mmfree$0.20$4.00
Oval 105x70 mmfree$0.50$5.00
Oval 120x92 mmfree$0.50$6.00
Oval 170x105 mmfree$1.00$8.00

For Advanced Quality bases we use the standard technique set and spend up to 3 hours to model and paint each base. Using Greenstuff, model grass and additional decorating elements and tools we create a base that will highlight miniature’s impression and make it stand out on the battlefield. Pre-made bases that sometimes come with the model are also included to this quality level.

Base sizeGreenstuff roller
Premade highly
Resin custom
26-50 mm$2.50$3.50$5.00
60-90 mm$5.00$9.00$14.00
100 mm$15.00$0.50$5.00
130 mm$20.00$0.50$6.00
160 mm$25.00$1.00$8.00
Oval 60x35 mm$5.00$8.00$12.00
Oval 75x42 mm$6.00$10.00$16.00
Oval 90x52 mm$8.00$15.00$22.00
Oval 105x70 mm$11.00$18.00$25.00
Oval 120x92 mm$15.00$21.00$30.00
Oval 170x105 mm$25.00$40.00$55.00

Pro Quality bases are similar to the painted model itself in their complexity. To put it into other words, a Pro base is essentially a mini-diorama that is created considering model’s posing, size and concept. We design such bases ourselves or realize your ideas. We use all available tools for this quality including 3D printing, sculpting, using various bits and so on. It’s not possible to set a standard price for such work, so every Pro Basing project will be priced individually depending on its complexity.

Base sizePremade high
standart resin base
Diorama style
Custom sculpted
3D modelled base
26-50 mmfrom $10.00from $30.00Priced Individually
60-90 mmfrom $25.00from $40.00Priced Individually
100 mmfrom $30.00from $140.00 Priced Individually
130 mmfrom $40.00from $170.00 Priced Individually
160 mmfrom $60.00from $210.00 Priced Individually
Bikefrom $10.00from $30.00Priced Individually
Oval 60x35 mmfrom $12.00from $70.00Priced Individually
Oval 75x42 mmfrom $16.00from $95.00Priced Individually
Oval 90x52 mmfrom $22.00from $100.00Priced Individually
Oval 105x70 mmfrom $25.00from $120.00Priced Individually
Oval 120x92 mmfrom $30.00from $130.00Priced Individually
Oval 170x105 mmfrom $55.00from $200.00Priced Individually

Dicey Studio works worldwide. We use special packing method and cases that will protect the model in its way to you. We use national post services (like USPS, UPS and others), but we can always discuss alternative shipping methods if necessary.

Payment is made once all commission details are discussed and agreed upon. You will be able to send the form and adjust painting details at any point during the painting process. Sending this form is free of charge. All payments are made via Paypal invoices.