How to: Sci-Fi base with OSL effect – part one, building

How to: Sci-Fi base with OSL effect – part one, building

Hi! Thank you for the positive feedback to our article about PanO color choices. We received a lot of comments and are glad that you found that material useful. Now it’s time for the next article: it is devoted to base building. The article will be divided into two parts, one for the building itself and one about painting. Stay tuned and don’t miss it!

Basing is one of the essential elements of model painting. It gives context to the miniature and complements the color scheme, but basing is often neglected – usually it’s done on the latest painting stage and one may not have enough energy to devote time and effort to basing. Dicey Studio has an easy and effective solution for you. One of our painters is currently building the new bases for his army and is willing to share the work in progress with you. This basing technique is suitable for any sci-fi futuristic wargame, and these bases will be used for Varuna Sectorial army from Infinity the game.

Let’s begin the step-by-step!

For starters, this is what tools you will need:

  • 0.5mm sheet plastic (look for Plastic Plate Gray B5 (0.5mm 2pcs))
  • sanding paper – P60 or other rough sanding paper
  • point and line scribers, Tamiya scriber tools are perfect for this
  • the base itself
  • glue

Step 1draw a pattern: take the plastic sheet and circle the base with a pencil, than draw a desired pattern. We are going for a generic futuristic piece of flooring, the dot symbolizes a small lamp. The crisscrossed area will be cut off at later step.

Step 2cut the plastic piece with a knife, sand the edges.

Step 3 – next step is to use the point scriber tool to trace the pattern. Metal ruler will help to avoid mistakes. After that take the line scriber tool and scribe along the pattern – it will deepen the pattern and make it more defined. Press the scriber against the marked dot to define the lamp.

Step 4 – Sand the pattern with the fine sanding paper to make it smooth and glue onto the base. Trim if necessary.

Step 5 – cut the sanding paper to size – it will represent the asphalt road. Glue it to the base and it’s done!

Done – This is how primed base looks like.

Take a look on second part of guide where we are going to show how to paint this base and add a OSL effect!