Dicey Studio Miniature Painting Service

Welcome to our website! Here you can learn about our painting service and enjoy galleries of our current and finished projects. Our mission is to make it possible for everyone to have an amazingly painted army in the shortest time. Dicey Studio professional painters accept the most complicated orders and complete them to the highest standard. Our extensive experience in commission painting allows us to set the fairest prices for our works. We paint miniatures from all wargame systems and boardgames.

Painting Service

We provide fast and high quality miniature painting service. You can choose the desired painting quality which directly influences the price.

High Quality

We will paint your miniatures with love and inspiration. Regardless of the complexity of the commission we do our best to achieve maximum results!

How It Works

Miniature painting requires great time and patience. Our team will help you enjoy an awesome looking army without spending any of your own time!




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