About Dicey Studio

Dicey Studio Team

Dicey Studio was conceived as a project “for the people”. When we’ve created the studio in 2015 we didn’t plan to become a studio that paints only collector’s pieces. Rapidly growing community demanded affordable but high quality miniature painting service – and we offered exactly what people wanted. Speed, high quality, fair prices – these staples were and still are the basis of our work. As time went by we increased the amount of clients – it allowed us to provide even better painting quality, start working on boardgame miniatures and collector’s models.

Studio’s rapid growth was possible due to high professional level of the painters. Each of us has more than 8 years in miniature figure painting. Seems like we’ve worked on every wargame system, used paints and tools from every company, faced the most unusual demands of our clients and learned the most advanced miniature painting techniques. Besides, each painter is an active tabletop player beside all painting activity. The shelves in our office are full with models painted for our own armies. Thanks to such experience we can better understand client’s wishes and provide high quality painting that will look great both on a shelf and on a gaming table.

Accepting painting commissions from foreign customers is another step. Considering high competition it was surprising to us that our miniature painting service is in demand of players from other countries. Thus, we obtained great experience in working worldwide. Moreover, we cooperate with the suppliers of the most popular wargames and can help our clients in purchasing the desired models. For instance, the main Infinity and Guild Ball supplier in our country works just next door.
We love new challenges. The number of wargame systems is constantly growing, figures becoming more and more detailed and now you can hardly imagine a big tabletop game without a sizeable set of miniatures. Considering it we are ready to take even the most unexpected customer’s tasks always following our studio’s principles. We totally understand that wargamers are the people of delicate taste, wide soul and incredible enthusiasm.

We are the same.

We love our work and always ready to convey this spirit into your favorite models. Wish you good rolls!