WIP: Infinity Loup Garou by Corvus Belli

WIP: Infinity Loup Garou by Corvus Belli

Hi! Time for yet another Work in Progress article. Today’s commission is a large Merovingian Rapid Response Force army that includes almost everything MRRF has in Infinity Army Builder. Undoubtedly Loup Garou are the centerpiece of the force with their distinctive look, so we decided to start painting this unit first.

Painter’ note: Merovingia was one of my first armies when I was starting Infinity about 7 years ago. This is probably the most nostalgic commission lately and I’m extremely glad to have a chance to work on these guys once again. Great news that Corvus Belli decided to keep MRRF (and other discontinued sectorials) playable in N4 – we can still enjoy playing the brave French guys in the new edition!

Jumping right to the process! Here is a quick recap of how we painted these models – please note that this article covers details and color choices that are mostly specific only for Loup Garou: info on how to paint regular uniform, boots and rifles will come in the next parts! All used paints are by Vallejo.

Preparing and priming: no changes here, we follow the same procedure: apply Vallejo Black Primer via an airbrush and add a coat of Satin Varnish for extra protection.

Visors: one of the Loup Garou key features are the X-Visors. We suggest to paint them first – later steps will require an airbrush, so it’s easier to mask off the small visor area then the coats. Take an airbrush, apply a layer of Flat Earth first, then add a layer of Fiery Orange to a smaller area and finish airbrushing with Flat Yellow highlight. Add a reflected light effect with Iraqi Sand (it may sound too complex, but basically it is just slightly blurred vertical lines imitating light reflected by a glass visor) and some extreme highlights with White. Mask the visors with Liquid Mask to protect them from oversprayand move on to the next steps!

Coats: these coats and visors are what Loup Garou are famous for.

First let’s do some airbrushing:
– apply the base layer of Deep Forest Skin with an airbrush.
– the next layer is a 1:1 mix of Deep Forest Skin  and Turquoise apply it using zenithal highlighting technique so that the previous layer is still slightly visible.
– hIghlight the coat with an airbrush using a 1:3 mix of Dark Forest Skin and Blue Green.  
– load a bit of Dark Fleshtone into your airbrush and apply it at low pressure to the bottom of the coats to create a weathered look.Put your airbrush aside for a while, it’s time to highlight with a regular brush. At this point you may remove the Liquid Mask from the visors.
– first use Blue Green to highlight the raised areas of the coats. You may also add small scratches or add a texture.
Wolf Grey is used for extreme highlighting and even more tiny scratches – it will give enough contrast to make those coats pop!

Blue, white and red: moving on the the armor pieces that resemble a French flag. This step is straightforward and all you need is a regular brush.
Blue: base coat – Heavy Blue, then one thin layer of Dark Fleshtone for weathered effect. Highlight and scratch with Deep Sky Blue and add extreme highlights with Wolf grey.
White: base coat – Cold Grey, weathered by Dark Fleshtone and highlighted with White.
Red: base coat – Gory Red. Add a layer of Vermillion, highlight with Cadmium Skin and apply one thin layer of Red Ink. Done!

Viral rifle magazines: Loup Garou rifles use Viral ammunition instead of regular one. We painted the magazines this way: basecoat – Green Sky, highlighted with LIme Green. Add a bit of White as extreme highlight and we finished!

That’s it for the first article about Merovingian Rapid Response Force painting. Stay tuned for next posts – we’ve got a lot to cover!

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